Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A man and his guest were having a discussion before dinner.

Guest: Did you see the news, that girl in the next town over suffers from possession!

Host: Oh, does she now, how convenient for her.

Guest: Convenient! What do you mean?!

Host: To have demons for an excuse.

Guest: Surely you jest! Who would want such an excuse?

Host: Who wouldn't? All sins absolved as foreign acts forced upon the afflicted. Quite a good alibi.

Guest: What acts could a man possibly commit to even close in on the acts of a demon?!

Host: He could carve the flesh from your face for ornament on his dinner plate.

Guest: What a terrifying thought! A man could commit such an act?!

Host: It's purely hypothetical.

Guest: I would hope so!

Host: Hope is a good thing to have.

The host casually picked up a carving knife from the table.

Host: Unfortunately, hope is not on the menu tonight.


I. Hear that sound?

II. Yes, what is that?

I. It is the train.

II. The train?

I. Yes, the train.

II. What train?

I. The last train.

II. The last train?

I. Yes, the last train.

II. Why is it the last train?

I. Because there will never be another.

II. Why is that?

I. It is due to the man.

II. The man?

I. Yes, the man.

II. What man?

I. The dark man.

II. Who is the dark man?

I. A man who has always been watching.

II. Watching what?

I. Watching the people.

II. Which people?

I. All people.

II. Even me?

I. Yes, even you.

II. Is he watching now?

I. Yes, he is watching you now.

II. Where is he?

I. He is before you.

II. You are the dark man?

I. Yes, I am the dark man.

They stepped onto the train and the man smiled. It would be so much easier to watch everyone now that they were on the train.

Do you ever dream that you are on a train?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


It's tough living with room mates. They all have needs and attended to. It feels more like baby sitting sometimes.

The man that lives under the stairs gets frustrated with everyone that runs up and down them. He has his cot and little dolls and enjoys his solitude while he watches the world through the tiny holes in the walls. He only comes out when he knows everyone is asleep. He has too eat too you know. He doesn't like to be seen so the dead of night is really the only time he wonders about. He has a really bad temper when it comes to people looking at him. He doesn't take up much space and doesn't really get in the way so he's not so bad.

The children in the attic are quite annoying, they run around all night gigling and throwing things. Sometimes they will come done and stand still and just watch what I'm doing. That's not so bad I suppose I often don't even notice when they do it. I am quite frustrated by all the pranks they pull however. stacking and moving things to strange places. I've been late more than once when looking for my keys! They don't seem to eat much though, It seems like they don't eat at all in fact. Such strange children.

The figure in the closet is a shy one. You can tell it wants attention but only when it is later at night and your trying to sleep. It comes out slowing and gets really close to see if your awake. I get tired of being breathed on when I'm trying to rest. It goes away eventually after a few hours of standing and watching, sometimes leaving notes on the ceiling. It is really a chore to clean up thos messages!

The creature under my bed is much more polite than most. It doesn't do much more than stay in it's space. I think it may be take some of my things though. I have stopped leaving my things on the ground and that seemed to solve the problem. If I get up in the middle of the night he seems frustrated as it glares at me from the shadow of the bed. I must be disturbing his rest or something.

Just when I thought my place was too crowded with the other roommates I noticed that a girl has taken up residence in the bathroom. I'm never exactly sure when she is watching or isn't so it is tough to get privacy. When I do see her it's usually in the mirror, never directly. She's always standing patiently in place and watching. I don't think I'm that amusing, maybe she has a crush on me? She's far too young for me, I shower in a bathing suit and cover my self when using the toilet. I'd rather not be indecent with a young girl, even if she is the one peeping.

My last roommate is the worst! It has no form at all aside from a shady blur and he is very demanding of my attention. It bangs on the walls and ceilings, throws things across the room and has even dragged me out of bed in the middle of the night a time or two. Talk about rude! Someone should teach it some manners.

I don't know how I put up with all of it. I've heard there are worse roommates to have though. I tremble at the thought of them. All I'll say about them is that if you wake up at 2 in the morning and hear crying, just go back to sleep, do not search out the source...

Monday, April 21, 2014


I awoke in the middle of the night. I laid there and listened to the hum of the air conditioner. After a moment I notices that there was a soft glow coming from the adjoining bath room.

I could not think of anything that I may have left in there that would have produced the light and my guest for the evening had long since left. As my curiousity was about to rouse me to action; the light suddenly disappeared. I began to feel on edge.

Is someone or something here with me in the next room? My imagination began to run wild and a sense of terror washed over me. I had to know the answer or I would be trapped here fearing something that may soon turn the corner and attack me while I lay prone.

I mustered my courage, got onto my feet and took my cellphone from the dresser to serve as a light source. When I activated my cellphone I took note of the time 3:48a.m. this in it's self served to add to my fears due to these happenings having began approximately around 3:00a.m. "The witching hour" as they call it.

So as to not give more power to the supernatural I went into the bathroom at my usual pace, my heart racing as I was mentally ready for action. I did not find the source of the light there-in. This to me was much worse than actually finding something. Better to have some answer than no answers.

I moved into the living room. It was pitch black on the other side of the window which made it feel like I had entered another world. The coat closet was slightly ajar and I was not entirely sure I had left it in that condition. I decided against pushing my luck and trying the closet. I instead made sure the door lock was still engaged; it was.

I returned to bed without relief. What was that light? Am I truly alone? I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I'm thinking that I will test my bravery with some rituals that Saya has provided in her underworld. I will post the results to the comments on her blog and have the links attached here for documentation. I will also document any weird happenings here if things start to happen afterwards.

The first one I attempted was:
How to check if there is a ghost in your room - I will most likely try it again with better technique.

Update 4/17/2014*
Can you see your Guardian spirit? - Will also give this another try under better conditions

I have been feeling a lack of imagination lately and hope this will supply plenty. I will try to take on these things in the safest way possible, if there is such a way haha.

Update 4/22/2014*
It seems that doing rituals requires some mental preparing, a clear mind and no interruptions. I'm sure that ghost are more than likely getting impatient waiting on me to do things right, haha. I am enjoying my self none-the-less. I may be doing them more for amusement than inspiration and testing my courage. I'm sure that is normal though.

Update 4/29/2014*
I plan to do the How to go to another world by using the elevator ritual during my vacation at the end of May 2014. Now that I have commited to it, it must be done.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Though her tiny kingdom enjoyed a life of continued peace and prosperity, the world outside was trapped in a 200 year long war.

The lands immediately outside of the kingdom's borders were scorched and barren, no life aside from carrion birds could be seen, as they picked at the corpses of the fallen. Bile began to rise in her throat as she took it all in. A black field, decaying partly eaten corpses strewn about and the looks on their rotting faces was something she would have nightmares of for many years to come. She voided her stomach and her entourage moved to comfort her.

These trusted men knew of such things and had wished she would never have to experience them. She have been extremely insistent and persuasive however. They had all made a pact to put everything they had into assuring that she was safe and successful in her venture. She placed a hand up to halt them as she regained her composure.

After some time had passed and she was able to fully comprehend and adapt to this world of death, the group pushed on, into the rancid air, further into the abyss of the war torn lands.

Monday, April 14, 2014


The young girl stood in awe of the colored sky of an autumn sunset. All the nagging concerns of daily life had faded as the leaves danced in the wind. In this moment only the connection with the natural world existed.

Soon she would be setting off on a journey to distant lands with a small entourage of trusted retainers. The journey would define her and who she would be. It would determine the fate of these lands she called home; it was a burden with much weight on her petite shoulders and she was not sure if she was able enough to bear it.

As her hair floated in the breeze the last light of the sun reflected in her eyes and what could be seen there was new resolve. Doubts had been pushed out of her mind with the coming of the new season. She would see this path through to the end and ensure that the dawning of a new era would be a bright one.

"I stand here not as an individual, but as an embodiment of the dreams of the people." she told herself vehemently, "I will make these dreams the reality."

With that she turned from the vision of her homeland and took the first step into the expanse of destiny.

Monday, April 7, 2014


I'm thinking this would make a good character intro in a story that I should probably write eventually.

Three gun shots ring out in the night. I'd like to say I was shocked or even disturbed, but honestly, I didn't even give it a second thought.

Shortly after the finishing shot sounds out, you can tell by how dull it sounded in comparison to the first three. It's the middle of the night and some people are turning on their lights and getting curious. Not me however, I got work in the morning and don't have time to worry about something that's already finalized. I'm sure the cops will fumble around the area for a while till they give up on catching the culprit.

I know I should probably be reacting like other people; Fear for my safety or be concerned for another extinguished life. It's just that it would take more than that to put me on edge. In my mind I am aware that people are dying everywhere ever day and of much more horrific things than a few bullet wounds. This is a mostly quick and not so painful death in comparison to the possibilities.

What if there was someone with a knife and nothing but time? What if they have something much less effective against flesh with the same intentions? What if they know you won't be heard so their only concern is how to get the best reactions out of you? What if they know how to go about it without killing you, getting the most out of you before your demise? What if they aren't human or not human anymore? What if they want more than one lifetime of pain and suffering from you?

I guess a bullet to the head would be a slap on the wrist in comparison, so I'll just let my mind go blank and fade to black so that I can get up and go through the daily motions tomorrow. Another day, another dollar and the body count keeps piling up as I drink my morning coffee in my cubical.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


I'm in one of those "..got nothing to say." moods. I feel like anything I say will just be pointless rambling. Worth as little for reading as it was in writing. Maybe I just need to get motivated or inspired.

I've been reading the Kingdom graphic novel and I'll admit it is moving at times. I get bursts of energy and tear up at some of the events that unfold. I am all for the struggle against all odds to reach the top and feel that it builds character. I wouldn't want to skip over any steps along the way.

I don't think it is possible to make your way up from the bottom of a company to the top. The corruption and politics in the system are too potent. I have no interest in politics and try to move forward with hard work alone. Unfortunately hard work does not get you anywhere in big business, managers will do everything to keep you in place so they don't take a hit to their numbers.

I am dragged down by a career that in the scheme of all things, I would say is pointless and excessive to the point of not being necessary. My manager talks loudly and often and is quick to step on her own people just to hold them down, seeing as how there is not benefit to it. I have to worry that I will be out of a job and no one will hire me due to the fact that I don't know enough people and don't really enjoy social networking.

I wish apprenticeships were still something that was a norm. I know my hard work would pay off if it were the most important factor, which I feel it should be.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Good and Evil

I believe that evil is merely a prerogative based view point.

Some one that I see as evil may see me as evil just the same. So who would be the evil one then? Do we go to a consensus to determine this? Can popular opinion truly define the details of evil?

It is my belief that there is merely what is good for us and what is not. It should be our goal to strive to do what is good for us. We can not act on the behalf of others without their consent for fear of a misunderstanding due to everyone having their own perspective. Therefore it is best to act on what is in our best interest, that also does not impede upon others.

This is not to suggest that we should be cold to others. I am merely suggesting that we apply empathy before action. We must try to see things from the perspective of others if we wish to do anything for them.

The most important idea I wish to impart is that people are inherently neutral and are not inherently "evil" or "good". We do what we must to survive and thrive. All people carry value in existing even the most despicable. This is also why I believe that atonement is a better sentiment than demise when seeing an "evil" person held for their "crimes".

Having said all of this there are always outliers. Those that do not fit within the scheme or normal reasoning. Those that are irreparably damaged or broken. Through no fault of their own they came to be something that no longer resembles a human; a monster. They perform acts that carry no true benefit toward survival or a bettered existence. I do not wish to describe these things for we would all balk at the thought of them; even the incarcerated find them in poor taste to put it flatly.

Those with all their faculties should not allow the perspective of burden to place weight on their shoulders. When acting with others effected, empathy should be applied.