Friday, January 9, 2015

The open mind

The importance of the individual is immeasurable. Thought it may seem that one's thoughts are a common matter and thought by many others, the importance of self expression remains. Though you know of your perspective and that some share it, not everyone may yet be privy to such ideas or theories. In creating an open exchange you enable interaction and bring about an opportunity or various perspectives to adapt and evolve information.

In short, a forum of thought helps the individuals involved grow. This holds true as long as an open mind is maintained. If we are not willing to accept new information even that which seems in full opposition to our own beliefs we miss out on a chance to hone and sharpen our own minds around our own theories.

So I ask that we all attempt to enable our own self expression and be open to what others have to impart as well. Never become defensive and always try to assume positive intent and we may all grow together.

I hope to get back into the trend of posting so bear with me and thank you all for your patients and interest :)

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