Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Elevator Recording

At a beach resort in Destin, Florida

Unfortunately I was unable to step away from family as late as 2 in the morning so I did the ritual around 10 or 11 pm

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I would like to tell you about a person I know. She (B) is a friend of the mother (M) of my children.

Recently, B has become fascinated with what B says to be an alternate personality and has been delving into attemping conversation and interactions with them as well as utilizing them for assistance in being more outgoing.

There is one in particular that has M very doubtful of the whole thing. This personality in particular first appeared a week ago when B blacked out from excessive anger. B could not recall what had occurred but others have accounts of her remaining active and behaving strangely. During this time she commit some act that resulted in her going to the hospital and she could not recall the events that led up to it or what had happened.

Rather than becoming afraid she has become obsessed. B was speaking to M about this and showing selfies taken by this other personality, which made M's stomach turn and ask that B not continue such talks. I myself have yet to see these images or speak to B much about it, but I find the strangeness of it blog worthy at the least. If there are any more occurences I will make sure to present them here.

Also, I'm not sure but the other day when B was over she touched my shoulder repeatedly as she passed me which I found immediately odd and outside of her usual actions. Was she in the drivers seat or was it someone else?


What makes an antagonist creepy or off putting in a horror flick and how to do it yourself?

The constant gaze, unblinking and fully focused on it's prey. It is a stare that goes one step past eye contact to an assessment of the victim's very soul. This look tells them that there is no where you cannot see.

A confident and oppressive stance. How one holds themselves says a lot about that person. Standing in a way that makes you as large as possible, impose yourself upon your space and those around you. Make the focus of your body the intended target, they will know they have your attention and they will regret it.

How they speak or if they don't speak at all. The word usage leaves no openings and the tone is devoid of emotion. Messages can be conveyed but usually they are only fluff when considering your true intentions. Short and blunt or needlessly complicated with your motive hidden in your words can work; unresponsive is alos a very good way to put someone in an ackward unsure state.

Doing unexpected things that are outside the social norm. This can be anything really as long as it gets someone's attention. It is a small gesture, can be physical contact or otherwise. It is to state that you do as you please and there are no boundaries holding you back. Keep it classy though.

Placement is important. Use poorly lit areas or stand with light at your back so that your features are obscured. You are one with the darkness, make that fact known. Don't miss an opportunity to hide in plain sight. Don't stick around, slide in and out of scenes without a word or much motion. Leave them guessing if you are or aren't there at all times.

Pace. Take your time. You know more about the surroundings than your prey would think and it scares them. You don't need to rush due to ensuring they are in a place where there will be no rescue. Savor the hunt and leave your mark on the surrounds so they don't get a chance to regain their calm.

Never hesitate. Doubt for even a moment gives away your power. They need to know you are unflinching and will not stop till your job is done.

If you try these things in real life make sure not to take it too far lest someone be put at risk. Everyone enjoys a good joke but there is a fine line that can easily be overstepped.

Monday, May 19, 2014


I have been dead for many years now.

I can tell you this, there are ghost. I am speaking from experience. When I was alive, the thought of ghost was very intriguing. Now that I am one, I find it rather mundane. You can see and hear everything, but you cannot interact without a hefty penalty. There is no rule book so everything is touch and go; you learn the hard way.

After those first few years of watching over people I became stir crazy. It does something to the mind when you cannot interact with anything or anyone. My desire to connect to others in some way was eating away at me. I had some luck eventually. I was attempting to speak with the woman that now resides in my home. After a good hour of no responce I became frustrated and knocked over a glass of water that had been sitting at the table. She had jumped and her eyes darted around the room. I was elated!

It seems that with enough strong emotion I was able to elicit a response from the world of the living. This interaction came at a price however. When a ghost gets wrapped up in an emotion the emotion may run wild with... messy results.

I'll just say that I'm not lonely anymore and leave it at that.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

House Hunting

My apologies for being so distant. I have been looking into purchasing a home and such a weighty decision requires much time and energy.

I will most likely keep the rituals outside of this future residence :P, though I'm sure it would be easier to play one man hide and seek in a new, empty home.

Friday, May 9, 2014


Even now you can hear the scraping on the window's glass as the wind carries a whisper than cannot be discerned. The siren sounds in the distance of a dimly lit neighborhood.

A man sits in an unlit room as the dog meanders to and fro. He is illuminated by the screen in which he is engaged.

I am this man and I wonder what would happen if I wrote the dark things in the back of my mind into this story what would occur? Could one's fiction become one's reality and visa versa? The possibilities are enough to encourage or dissuade.

I will settle for making reality my fiction fornow, but who knows what the future may hold.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


The Day

Today is the day. I am a bit anxious.

I feel that I will witness something today. Once I'm home and my family is fed I will step away to perform the ritual. Maybe I will see what has been making use of the childs table at all times of the night. I have been feeling uneasy in the house, mostly due to familial conflict.

I look forward to presenting my findings or experience at the least. It is 7 or 8 hours till. I'm not sure if I want to see something or not, but I do know I want to do the ritual. I will either conquer my fears or wade into them.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Well I have decided to note this occurance seperate from the rituals due to it being so prominent.

The Child's play table in my down stairs bedroom has been playing music at all times of the night without being activated. I was not present for the first instance of this, but from what I'm told the laughter that usually follows the song (that had decided to play itself) did not follow immediately after as it usually does. Instead it laughed minutes after the song itself had ended.

I have now had 3 seperate experiences with this small table playing songs in the night without provocation. It usually happens when I have just recently laid down and closed my eyes. I jump up to rush over and turn it off so that it does not wake my twin boys. I usually leave it off and am not sure if someone is turning it on while watching them during the day or if it is turning itself back on to the song setting. I will continue to moniter and catilog this activity. As of now this is the only strange thing that has began to happen after trying rituals.

It's mostly startling and a slight annoyance. I do find it mildly amusing and am not so bothered since it does not scare the children. I wonder if more activity will occur when trying more rituals. I plan to attempt the camera ritual once more in this room. I will post my results to Saya's blog and with the link running from my rituals post. This will take place Thursday May 8th 2014.

I am enjoying this new hobby of mine. Perhaps I will clear my mind before hand with some meditation that saya has linked for me. Thanks again!