Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I would like to tell you about a person I know. She (B) is a friend of the mother (M) of my children.

Recently, B has become fascinated with what B says to be an alternate personality and has been delving into attemping conversation and interactions with them as well as utilizing them for assistance in being more outgoing.

There is one in particular that has M very doubtful of the whole thing. This personality in particular first appeared a week ago when B blacked out from excessive anger. B could not recall what had occurred but others have accounts of her remaining active and behaving strangely. During this time she commit some act that resulted in her going to the hospital and she could not recall the events that led up to it or what had happened.

Rather than becoming afraid she has become obsessed. B was speaking to M about this and showing selfies taken by this other personality, which made M's stomach turn and ask that B not continue such talks. I myself have yet to see these images or speak to B much about it, but I find the strangeness of it blog worthy at the least. If there are any more occurences I will make sure to present them here.

Also, I'm not sure but the other day when B was over she touched my shoulder repeatedly as she passed me which I found immediately odd and outside of her usual actions. Was she in the drivers seat or was it someone else?

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