Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Well I have decided to note this occurance seperate from the rituals due to it being so prominent.

The Child's play table in my down stairs bedroom has been playing music at all times of the night without being activated. I was not present for the first instance of this, but from what I'm told the laughter that usually follows the song (that had decided to play itself) did not follow immediately after as it usually does. Instead it laughed minutes after the song itself had ended.

I have now had 3 seperate experiences with this small table playing songs in the night without provocation. It usually happens when I have just recently laid down and closed my eyes. I jump up to rush over and turn it off so that it does not wake my twin boys. I usually leave it off and am not sure if someone is turning it on while watching them during the day or if it is turning itself back on to the song setting. I will continue to moniter and catilog this activity. As of now this is the only strange thing that has began to happen after trying rituals.

It's mostly startling and a slight annoyance. I do find it mildly amusing and am not so bothered since it does not scare the children. I wonder if more activity will occur when trying more rituals. I plan to attempt the camera ritual once more in this room. I will post my results to Saya's blog and with the link running from my rituals post. This will take place Thursday May 8th 2014.

I am enjoying this new hobby of mine. Perhaps I will clear my mind before hand with some meditation that saya has linked for me. Thanks again!

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