Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A man and his guest were having a discussion before dinner.

Guest: Did you see the news, that girl in the next town over suffers from possession!

Host: Oh, does she now, how convenient for her.

Guest: Convenient! What do you mean?!

Host: To have demons for an excuse.

Guest: Surely you jest! Who would want such an excuse?

Host: Who wouldn't? All sins absolved as foreign acts forced upon the afflicted. Quite a good alibi.

Guest: What acts could a man possibly commit to even close in on the acts of a demon?!

Host: He could carve the flesh from your face for ornament on his dinner plate.

Guest: What a terrifying thought! A man could commit such an act?!

Host: It's purely hypothetical.

Guest: I would hope so!

Host: Hope is a good thing to have.

The host casually picked up a carving knife from the table.

Host: Unfortunately, hope is not on the menu tonight.

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