Thursday, April 3, 2014


I'm in one of those " nothing to say." moods. I feel like anything I say will just be pointless rambling. Worth as little for reading as it was in writing. Maybe I just need to get motivated or inspired.

I've been reading the Kingdom graphic novel and I'll admit it is moving at times. I get bursts of energy and tear up at some of the events that unfold. I am all for the struggle against all odds to reach the top and feel that it builds character. I wouldn't want to skip over any steps along the way.

I don't think it is possible to make your way up from the bottom of a company to the top. The corruption and politics in the system are too potent. I have no interest in politics and try to move forward with hard work alone. Unfortunately hard work does not get you anywhere in big business, managers will do everything to keep you in place so they don't take a hit to their numbers.

I am dragged down by a career that in the scheme of all things, I would say is pointless and excessive to the point of not being necessary. My manager talks loudly and often and is quick to step on her own people just to hold them down, seeing as how there is not benefit to it. I have to worry that I will be out of a job and no one will hire me due to the fact that I don't know enough people and don't really enjoy social networking.

I wish apprenticeships were still something that was a norm. I know my hard work would pay off if it were the most important factor, which I feel it should be.

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