Tuesday, April 22, 2014


It's tough living with room mates. They all have needs and attended to. It feels more like baby sitting sometimes.

The man that lives under the stairs gets frustrated with everyone that runs up and down them. He has his cot and little dolls and enjoys his solitude while he watches the world through the tiny holes in the walls. He only comes out when he knows everyone is asleep. He has too eat too you know. He doesn't like to be seen so the dead of night is really the only time he wonders about. He has a really bad temper when it comes to people looking at him. He doesn't take up much space and doesn't really get in the way so he's not so bad.

The children in the attic are quite annoying, they run around all night gigling and throwing things. Sometimes they will come done and stand still and just watch what I'm doing. That's not so bad I suppose I often don't even notice when they do it. I am quite frustrated by all the pranks they pull however. stacking and moving things to strange places. I've been late more than once when looking for my keys! They don't seem to eat much though, It seems like they don't eat at all in fact. Such strange children.

The figure in the closet is a shy one. You can tell it wants attention but only when it is later at night and your trying to sleep. It comes out slowing and gets really close to see if your awake. I get tired of being breathed on when I'm trying to rest. It goes away eventually after a few hours of standing and watching, sometimes leaving notes on the ceiling. It is really a chore to clean up thos messages!

The creature under my bed is much more polite than most. It doesn't do much more than stay in it's space. I think it may be take some of my things though. I have stopped leaving my things on the ground and that seemed to solve the problem. If I get up in the middle of the night he seems frustrated as it glares at me from the shadow of the bed. I must be disturbing his rest or something.

Just when I thought my place was too crowded with the other roommates I noticed that a girl has taken up residence in the bathroom. I'm never exactly sure when she is watching or isn't so it is tough to get privacy. When I do see her it's usually in the mirror, never directly. She's always standing patiently in place and watching. I don't think I'm that amusing, maybe she has a crush on me? She's far too young for me, I shower in a bathing suit and cover my self when using the toilet. I'd rather not be indecent with a young girl, even if she is the one peeping.

My last roommate is the worst! It has no form at all aside from a shady blur and he is very demanding of my attention. It bangs on the walls and ceilings, throws things across the room and has even dragged me out of bed in the middle of the night a time or two. Talk about rude! Someone should teach it some manners.

I don't know how I put up with all of it. I've heard there are worse roommates to have though. I tremble at the thought of them. All I'll say about them is that if you wake up at 2 in the morning and hear crying, just go back to sleep, do not search out the source...


  1. Somehow I didn't realise what kind of "room mates" they are until I got to the one in the closet! lol

    Thank you for the entertaining story! :D (oh and I won't search out the source when I hear crying in the middle of night! lol)

  2. I'm delighted that you enjoy this story!

    I have always enjoyed misleading narration, so I gave it a try. Perspective can be a fun tool in story telling!

    You are most welcome, I feel that a reader gives writing it's worth.