Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I'm thinking that I will test my bravery with some rituals that Saya has provided in her underworld. I will post the results to the comments on her blog and have the links attached here for documentation. I will also document any weird happenings here if things start to happen afterwards.

The first one I attempted was:
How to check if there is a ghost in your room - I will most likely try it again with better technique.

Update 4/17/2014*
Can you see your Guardian spirit? - Will also give this another try under better conditions

I have been feeling a lack of imagination lately and hope this will supply plenty. I will try to take on these things in the safest way possible, if there is such a way haha.

Update 4/22/2014*
It seems that doing rituals requires some mental preparing, a clear mind and no interruptions. I'm sure that ghost are more than likely getting impatient waiting on me to do things right, haha. I am enjoying my self none-the-less. I may be doing them more for amusement than inspiration and testing my courage. I'm sure that is normal though.

Update 4/29/2014*
I plan to do the How to go to another world by using the elevator ritual during my vacation at the end of May 2014. Now that I have commited to it, it must be done.


  1. Hi, how's it going?

    I've been wanting to post a comment at your blog but I've been so tangled up in my own affairs! (><)

    I see you've kept up with your creative writing! Wonderful!

    I have been busy but happy - largely thanks to all the guided meditations I've been listening on youtube. Have you ever tried one of those? I want to introduce you to them but would you be interested? I can provide links to them if you like.

    Hope you have a wonderful evening/day whatever the time is there! :D

    1. Things are progressing but that is about it. I feel like I'm just passing time without purpose.

      I've been busier than usual as well, having relocated offices and that is why my posting has become spotty.

      I may be getting a little more imagination after attempting some of the rituals you've posted. I think I saw a glowing coming from the bedroom bathroom last night. I'm not sure what it could have been. I think I'll write a story that extrapolates on it.

      I am willing to try most anything once and wouldn't mind an added source of positivity. I've always considered meditation, just never actually taken the time for it. This might be my chance! Please do provide any links you can.

      I will do my utmost to enjoy the rest of my day, make sure you do the same Saya and thanks as always for stopping by! :)

  2. Hello!

    Oh I wonder what that light coming from your bathroom was all about??

    Here are links to some guided meditations on youtube!

    Try them out!! :D

    I hope you've been well!
    Thank you for always stopping by my blog too!
    I always enjoy reading your comment! :D

  3. Greetings!

    I'm sure it was just something watching me sleep haha.

    Thank you for the links, I feel that I need them now more than ever. So much stress at home! I welcome the paranormal in comparison :D

    I will let you know how my meditation goes as well, I'm sure my shoulders will feel much lighter after wards.

    This may be strange, but your blog is something that keeps me sane. I can just relax and give my full attention to your interesting, translated tales and all the wonderful things you draw as well as the music you produce; truly spiritually and intellectually stimulating work.

    I hope to eventually try out all of your rituals and will be sure to share my experience everytime.