Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I. Hear that sound?

II. Yes, what is that?

I. It is the train.

II. The train?

I. Yes, the train.

II. What train?

I. The last train.

II. The last train?

I. Yes, the last train.

II. Why is it the last train?

I. Because there will never be another.

II. Why is that?

I. It is due to the man.

II. The man?

I. Yes, the man.

II. What man?

I. The dark man.

II. Who is the dark man?

I. A man who has always been watching.

II. Watching what?

I. Watching the people.

II. Which people?

I. All people.

II. Even me?

I. Yes, even you.

II. Is he watching now?

I. Yes, he is watching you now.

II. Where is he?

I. He is before you.

II. You are the dark man?

I. Yes, I am the dark man.

They stepped onto the train and the man smiled. It would be so much easier to watch everyone now that they were on the train.

Do you ever dream that you are on a train?

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