Monday, April 14, 2014


The young girl stood in awe of the colored sky of an autumn sunset. All the nagging concerns of daily life had faded as the leaves danced in the wind. In this moment only the connection with the natural world existed.

Soon she would be setting off on a journey to distant lands with a small entourage of trusted retainers. The journey would define her and who she would be. It would determine the fate of these lands she called home; it was a burden with much weight on her petite shoulders and she was not sure if she was able enough to bear it.

As her hair floated in the breeze the last light of the sun reflected in her eyes and what could be seen there was new resolve. Doubts had been pushed out of her mind with the coming of the new season. She would see this path through to the end and ensure that the dawning of a new era would be a bright one.

"I stand here not as an individual, but as an embodiment of the dreams of the people." she told herself vehemently, "I will make these dreams the reality."

With that she turned from the vision of her homeland and took the first step into the expanse of destiny.

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