Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Though her tiny kingdom enjoyed a life of continued peace and prosperity, the world outside was trapped in a 200 year long war.

The lands immediately outside of the kingdom's borders were scorched and barren, no life aside from carrion birds could be seen, as they picked at the corpses of the fallen. Bile began to rise in her throat as she took it all in. A black field, decaying partly eaten corpses strewn about and the looks on their rotting faces was something she would have nightmares of for many years to come. She voided her stomach and her entourage moved to comfort her.

These trusted men knew of such things and had wished she would never have to experience them. She have been extremely insistent and persuasive however. They had all made a pact to put everything they had into assuring that she was safe and successful in her venture. She placed a hand up to halt them as she regained her composure.

After some time had passed and she was able to fully comprehend and adapt to this world of death, the group pushed on, into the rancid air, further into the abyss of the war torn lands.

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