Monday, April 7, 2014


I'm thinking this would make a good character intro in a story that I should probably write eventually.

Three gun shots ring out in the night. I'd like to say I was shocked or even disturbed, but honestly, I didn't even give it a second thought.

Shortly after the finishing shot sounds out, you can tell by how dull it sounded in comparison to the first three. It's the middle of the night and some people are turning on their lights and getting curious. Not me however, I got work in the morning and don't have time to worry about something that's already finalized. I'm sure the cops will fumble around the area for a while till they give up on catching the culprit.

I know I should probably be reacting like other people; Fear for my safety or be concerned for another extinguished life. It's just that it would take more than that to put me on edge. In my mind I am aware that people are dying everywhere ever day and of much more horrific things than a few bullet wounds. This is a mostly quick and not so painful death in comparison to the possibilities.

What if there was someone with a knife and nothing but time? What if they have something much less effective against flesh with the same intentions? What if they know you won't be heard so their only concern is how to get the best reactions out of you? What if they know how to go about it without killing you, getting the most out of you before your demise? What if they aren't human or not human anymore? What if they want more than one lifetime of pain and suffering from you?

I guess a bullet to the head would be a slap on the wrist in comparison, so I'll just let my mind go blank and fade to black so that I can get up and go through the daily motions tomorrow. Another day, another dollar and the body count keeps piling up as I drink my morning coffee in my cubical.

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