Friday, January 31, 2014


Recently I am feeling an abundance of thoughts coursing through my mind.

On the daily I review Web Comics, read Scary Stories, Follow a Blog and Read Manga. I have this pattern that is a constant for me on weekdays, yet provides essential and dynamic inspiration. I feel the need to write, to express myself and my thoughts. I have not felt this way in some time, since my high school days creating games to play with friends and writing poetry for girls in college.

I am very much alive and at home in this state of being. I don't even question my need to exist as often I would in the past, despite the simple means by which I live. As long as my mind is allowed to grow and my horizons are expanding I am satisfied with life, looking forward to each moment and walking past hardships without getting dragged down.

I owe much of this feeling to the author of the blog I hold is such high regards. I also owe much thanks to a good friend whom always indulges my intellectual discussion and brings new thought to the table.

Thank you

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