Friday, January 31, 2014

The value of life

I am currently reading a manga titled "Monster". A doctor saves the life of a child who he later discovers is a heartless killer.

Can one life carry more weight that another. What determines the value of a life? Status, Income, Ability? As the doctor determined, no life can be placed before another, all life bears the same wait and carries equal value. We all get 1 life to live, no more, no less. The loss of a life is without question always a negative occurrence.

Is it not good if a killer is put to death or a person that did atrocious things? It is still a loss, what was gained from their deaths. It just added to the body count. A person cannot pay for a crime or fault if they are not alive to do so. Life can be a much heavier burden than death. I would rather have the person at fault face their crimes and atone as long as it takes. You take a life, you should give your life to this to repent. We should under no circumstances celebrate a death, no matter how vile the person. It is a human life that can longer atone and the negativity they caused will remain with us, uncured.

I am currently in Chapter 17 of this story and the doctor is struggling with the thought of righting the "mistake" of saving the child's life (who is now a 20 year old man) by taking it. I hope he does not bloody the hands that have given so many another chance at life.

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