Thursday, July 3, 2014

Self Destruction

At times we all have thoughts of our own demise.

Just this morning I had thought "What if I open the car door and tumble out into the freeway, I could turn in opposition to obtain maximum damage." I find this to occur mostly without cause or being triggered by something. I wasn't depressed and I have no interest in commiting suicide. I am certain that we all have moments such as this though, we just decide to ignore these thoughts.

I even took the time to justify why I was not going to do such a thing. "Well the car may cause others to have an accident and my body most certainly would, There would be terrible traffic due to it. That'd be very selfish of me." Maybe it's being tired or boredom.

Do we naturally yearn for our own demise? I find that hard to believe due to being creatures with a survival instinct. Maybe there is a voice in our ears leading us to these thoughts. Perhaps I'm just sick and no one else thinks like this. I have no idea but I feel more accomplished than I figure someone normally would for merely being in existance.

I hope this does not cause conscern, we are strongly bound to this world through those around us and such a link is not easily broken. Worry not.

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