Monday, June 30, 2014

A touch of the divine

There is a place that exists within us all where everything divine sings in a tranquil chorus.

This place is created from all the instances in ones life where tears fell from awe struck eyes, where one's breath held still, as time it self seemed to. Where the ego melted away leaving the mind fully at peace. The heart holds steadfast in this place, for the mind of each being is deeply moved when presiding within. This place changes with time and expands to infinity. It could house a sea of flowers with petals drifting lightly on a gentle and whimsical breeze with massive, pearlescent architecture, marble floors and only the open blue sky for a ceiling. All forms of creature in their most enrapturing instances residing therein.

This place is beyond any means of defilement, it is without time and without worry. No matter what is happening outside of ourselves this place within each of us will always harbor us and give us sanctuary. It absolves us, purifies us, give us hope and saves us from ourselves.

On such a dreary day as today felt to be, I visited the door of this solemn place and my heavy heart became immediately lighter, the weight on my shoulders was lifted and I felt love for the world once more. I decided to write the following short story intro with this in mind.

War had torn through the lands continuously for longer than anyone could remember. The world as most knew it was tattered and torn. Cities laid in piles of rubble and structures stood open to the environment. All complex mechanism had fallen in disrepair and were now viewed as wondrous relics.

A boy sat on part of an unbroken fence of an unkept path that led nowhere in particular. His father had left for war long before his birth and never returned. His mother had died of the terminal sickness known to the people as "Vice" that had come into existence within the recent years and claims many each year. The boy had watched as his mother deteriorated and fell to a sleep from which they never again awoke.

Now alone with nothing but his thoughts he knew his only chance of survival was to enlist in a mercenary band. He had nothing more than survival to strive for and had only the experience of a toy sword which he had to pretended himself as great knight and defender. This would have to do for now.

As a gentle breeze past, something caught his eye and he turned slowly towards it. It was a doe almost devoid of any of the brown markings, leaving only white fur. It stood in elegance observing the boy with a steady stare. It slowly turned towards the woods and then looked back at the boy expectantly. The boy who had sat in awe, now retook and lowered himself from the fence, following in the direction of the doe.

The forest was unusually dense and he almost lost sight of the doe once or twice. Thanks to tone of it's fur, it stood out even in the thickest of thicket. As he climbed over a particularly large branch he fell and landed softly in lush grass. Before him glowed pearlescent ruins foreign to anything he had prior knowledge of. How it remained untouched was beyond him and he felt his breath catch as tears welled up in his eyes.

This was without a doubt where everything good and wholesome resided and not a speck of sin could invade that. Here he saw the doe's true form and the gathering tears came gushing out as he ran to her.

He opened his eyes to find himself back upon the fence next to the path. For a moment he had considered the vision for an illusion, but knew better as the feelings he had experienced were true. He knew he must find that place and that would be the purpose in which to strive. He leapt from the fence refreshed and feeling light as a feather, running down the path with hope giving wind to his wings.

-inspired by a Saya Composition-

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