Monday, June 23, 2014

Down pour

There is something to fear in the rain.

The curtain of clouds closed in upon the sun and a subtle darkness settled in. The usually bustling metropolis' veins ran thin as the people took to shelter. The few that remained were canned up in vehicles. Even vermin knew to take shelter from a salivating sky.

On this day, I found myself late and pressed to brave the maelstrom with umbrella in had, cursing the wind. The water licked at my heels with each step. With such a down pour the view became distorted and I found myself unable to tell what there was more than 2 feet in any direction of me. My senses were now null and void as all I could do was soldier on.

In a metropolis even in the worst of weather you will usually encouter at least one other unfortunate soul in this similar situation along the way any where you would go. Thus is the path of luck and lack there of. I had not seen a soul since I opened my apartment door into the street. I also came to the realization that I had not seen even a sign that others might have ever been where I now walked. No bikes chained, cars parked or structured stone walk. I new was padding down what I assumed to be a mildewed slab, upon my notice of which prompted my earlier observation.

I was immediately disturbed and began fearing for my own well being. I turned to walk towards what should have been a wall of shop fronts or apartments only to encounter nothing after 20 or so steps. Visibly distraught I darted in every which direction with similar results. My panic was now at a crescendo and I felt that my heart would soon either explode or give out entirely as I fell to my knees hyperventilating.

The rain seem to respond to my plight and fear with increased ferocity and a wave of knocked me onto all fours clutching for a hand hold. I coughed heavily as the last wave had caught me by surprise and I had taken in much of it. Before I could recover fully another wave tousled me to the side. I was utterly at the mercy of the storm and mercy it would not afford me. The waves intensified, churning me about as I gave in to oblivion and lost consciousness.

My alarm went of and I shot up in my bed. Outside the sky was dark and sprinkles of rain were starting to fall. I decided for safety I would call into work ill. Though I now knew it to be a dream, I could not shake the feeling that it was more than that. I later noticed that my umbrella had gone missing and to this day I stay in on rainy days.

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