Monday, June 9, 2014


There exist within each of us limitless possibilities.

What does this mean? Nothing is outside of our bounds.

It is then to say that we should never be surprise by what a person does. We are all capable of murder, maliciousness and the maniacal. We are just as capable of Altruism, atonement and abundance. It is proper however to act perturbed when presented with the unlikely. One must keep up appearances lest they be considered disturbed or deranged. Never the less, looking on with eyes glazed over and a mind unwavering I move at a steady pace forward each day.

People die, get hurt and do horrible things; that is unfortunate. I will not act like it disturbs me, because it does not, these things do not surprise me in the least.

Am I a cold person, perhaps. I accept who I am and do not find any problems with it. Life is too short to live with a constant turmoil in one's own mind.

Do what you do, accept who you are and never regret a thing.

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