Friday, June 27, 2014


Depression is a plague that everyone faces at one point or another.

Sometimes their is a mental or emotional reason. Perhaps we feel our existance holds no meaning or purpose. Other times it is chemical; an imbalance in the body that leaves us feeling off, melancholy or morose with out any outside influence. The former is tough to deal with and can be given fuel by the latter.

If I am aware that I am having a chemical imbalance and this is leading me to feeling depression it also can lead to self inflicted negative mental and emotional stimulous. The thought of pointlessness and insulting ones self for a feeling that is not intentionally indulged in.

Perhaps a good method of turning this around would be rebalancing ourselves chemically. Make the food of the day nutritional, cover all the bases, Get out and get sun, and Exercise and get the body moving. Direct your negative thoughts in a positive direction, they are unavoidable so rather than fight them we can convert them to something else, eventually leading to a positive result.

Rather than thinking "What is the point of going outside and working out, no one cares anyway." try thinking "Why should I bother indulging myself in relaxing, I might as well be working out."
even though the working out is now considered negative, it is still a positive behavoir that can lead to rebalancing and regaining energy. The problem with is obvious however. What if we eventually convince ourselves that the positive behavoir is bad even when we are not depressed.

Everything hinges on having a strong set of beliefs that will always ring true in the back of our minds. If you think things over, the next day you will be able to return to your true beliefs. We mustnly make excuses. We should accept who we are and what we do and never question our true beliefs even if we compromise them or go against them from time to time. Denial can defile a persons path and keep us from being true to ourselves. Everyone is human, everyone has unclean thoughts and do to some extent unclean things. No one is spotless, so why hold it against yourself.

So all this being said, I sit at my computer with that creeping gloom. I recognized it, I accept it and I know that it is something I want to convert to a more positive state. I believe I need a good rest and perhaps a good helping of unprocessed fruits and vegetables as well as a walk outside in the sun. If it doesn't work I will update this and debunk myself. I'm already feeling better by blogging about it though so here is hoping :)

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