Monday, June 9, 2014


What is a person on the front line of a business?

Are we but mechinations that complete tasks in repitition, mere vessels of effort to put forth towards a goal withheld, perhaps a number on a spreadsheet to be added or removed as deemed necessary.

We no longer seek to learn a trade and instead are placed into air conditioned boxes to plug our minds into machine and review numbers and letters. Why is it no longer a requirement to know a trade, why do we no longer have apprenticeships in which we can hold some useful life skill that we could use to survive. This age is abundant in excesses. Life has become mundane due to pointless luxuries.

Not that I would complain about luxuries, but we must not engorge ourselves upon them. Everything should be taken in portions. How can we not be satisfied when our cups already overflow and we hemmorage currency upon useless goods. Is this not why the world has become so muddled. This is a world of wants.

I learned to manage what little money I had at a young age in order to obtained what I determined to hold value to me. Life is full of sacrifices. Sometimes you have to miss meals so that your children may eat. Sometimes you have to work hard 7 days a week and take care of house and home when you get off with limited sleep so that your family may be fed and not have to worry.

Family makes you realize things. That there are things in life more important than self indulgance. Not that taking care of your self and being happy is wrong, but that the world is full of people that deserve at least being viewed and considered as such.

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