Monday, September 15, 2014


Being a cannibal is a pecular thing.

You find yourself in a world of food constantly tempting and beckoning to you. You look around and see all these.. meals.. just running around and you can't help but wonder how they would taste and what side dishes and wine or liqour might compliment them best.

No one really thinks about it, but people are red meat. This usually means pairing with a red wine when enjoying the best cuts. When partaking of the ribs or barbecueing, one might watch the game and opt for a beer instead. It all depends on situation, preparation and setting.

I digress, back to what makes it so very strange. It is surprising to find that it is much more difficult to hunt down and kill a cow with your bare hands than it is a human. Cattle know to run, people are quite oblivious to such threats. Another perk to the palate.

There are draw backs to the appetite, it becomes difficult to maintain a social life when talking to food. How could something considered platable be good company and even if one were to consider it good company, how do you avoid thinking about consumption? How long could one talk to a tantalizing steak and truly enjoy the conversation?

It's an interesting life choice and unlike being a vegan or the like, it's not something you can just opt out of later. It changes you and you never see the world in the same light. Even just trying it, you never forget your first meal.

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