Friday, August 22, 2014

Sleep watcher

I found my self standing and staring down at her sleeping form.

I did not know how long I had been standing there nor when I had gotten out of bed. She was a deep sleeper so it could have been any given amount of time really. It was now 5 in the morning so I shrugged it away.

The next day while I was down stairs putting together lunch, I heard her scream and ran upstairs to see what was wrong. She seemed nervous but said she assured me it had been a rodent that startled her so I let her know I would make sure the problem was taken care of. She didn't seem very relieved as she left the room. I noticed a picture hanging part way out of a folder by where she had been standing.

There were tons of photos with time stamps of me standing at the bed side staring at her with a blank expression with timestamps that encompassed hours starting at two in the morning. Terrified I ran down stairs and told her to pack her things and that we were leaving. She didn't want to go with me, she didn't know that there was something other than a sleep watcher to worry about.

To this day she sleeps in a seperate room with the door locked. Yesterday I think I heard multiple snapping sounds coming from her room while I was up late... I'm almost releaved that I am not the focal point. I know I should probably be protective, but she is very thurough before she locks up for the night, so whatever is going on is not something any normal being knows.

I found a folder of photos today and I fear what they imply. They are of me, standing in her room from 2pm to 5pm, loading a shotgun.

I left her today for her own good, though I'm sure if anything happens to her they will find a folder full of pictures and I will without a doubt be found to blame.


  1. I like this story! It reminds me of "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe! Creepy!

    Thank you for the story! :D

  2. I truly enjoyed that bit of work by Edgar Allan Poe and am quite please to be able to write something which would bring his work to mind!

    Thanks for reading and stopping by!

    Hope you are well and enjoying life!