Monday, August 4, 2014


The dead do not weep for the living as the living weep for the dead.

I found my self in a strange land, awoken from slumber by the rising sun. It was a lush, green place riddled with trees and mountanous hills in the distance. It seemed like a pleasant enough place though I could not truly discern a purpose in it. I could hear water trickling  nearby and moved to investigate. The sources was a clear blue stream spawning from a mountain and leading into a body of water that stretched on into the distance as far as I could see. The water was cool and gentle aside from the ripples created upon my intrusion.

I was quite surprised at how quickly the sun had crossed the land as it began to settle back into the earth. I turned away from it to see the moon rising in it's place and the stars looking down upon the land. I was new to this lands and knew not what to expect form day nor night. When I began to hear the low groaning from the darkened woods my curiousity turned to fright. A purpose now solidified within my being; Survival. I was not yet sure what was out there, but I was certain it was not in my best interest to find out.

I took flight in the direction opposite of which the noise had emanated. To my dismay a groans began to arrive from each direction that I took flight, till one of the things that created the sound was close enough to be visually defined. My God, it was as much monster as it had been man! What once had been living particle was not a rotting symphony of mechination from which no living thing might utilize for normal motion. Ichor dripped from it's maw and it gnashed as it's greyed orbs drank in my existance. I lost all composure and fled into the woods clawing at trees till I found myself hunkered down in between limbs.

I did not sleep for the rest of the night and hung on edge as one became many. The wave of ambling rotten vessels and a wafting of carrion odor cause me to lose my lunch and nearly my grip upon my natural safe haven. My strength had nearly given out as the sun began to rise and the corps of flesh moaned in horror as the rising light set them a flame. I nearly burned alive once the tree caught fire and had to dive off into a nearby tuft of grass and soil.

I laid there for a moment before my minds gears took hold once more and I rolled onto my feet. If I did not make good use of the day, I would surely be taken with the night. Those numerous unfortunate successors show this lesson upon their vessels and I knew I could no longer pity them for they held no mercy for me.

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