Monday, August 4, 2014

Body, Mind and Soul

A man walked down a street having a conversation with his two others.

1. "Why must we walk so far this is very tiring?!"
2. "We have places to be, you'll get your rest in due time"
3. "One paths leads to another, we must stay strong for the paths ahead"

1. "I am so hungry though, I must have food and drink, meat and potatoes with gravy..."
2. "We can eat once we have our tomes in hand, there is much to research and only so much light."
3. "There will always be time for if nothing else; we have time."

1. "What of a woman then I must have one by nights end."
2. "Should we really spend our time seeking to defile ourselves when there is so much knowledge to gain."
3. "Connecting with others can bring about surprising realizations and growth."

1. "You neglect me so well I have reached my end, the suffering is too much!"
2. "Foolish lump do not give out now, so much is at hand and within our grasp!"
3. "Perhaps in the next world we will better manage ourselves and be more fullfilled..."

The man fell to the ground and never got up again. To view the world from one perspective is to neglect others, within each of us is a variety of necessities that lead us to a satisfying end. Neglect not one for the other and manage ones existance to the fullest.

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