Monday, August 18, 2014


Old tendencies are pulling at my logic. I am feeling the need to become more reclusive, to hide myself away and cut off contact with everything.

The funny thing is that this urge is brought on by the frustration of feeling a lack of connectivity with others. As if in insulted defense I push everything away as an excuse to why I feel so secluded even with others around. I know it is unhealthy to hold up inside my own head yet I can't help but have the desire none-the-less.

To correct my behavior I have acknowledge how I feel and that it is not a positive pattern of behavoir that I wish to support. The hard part is choosing a path less traveled instead of going down the well traveled path of my usual habit. This is often why people don't often seem to do anything with the advice of others. A friend of mine has made me aware of my lack of results which creates a need to actually listen to someone for once and actually show some results.

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