Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I grit my teeth as the walls shifted around me. My blood boiled and my fury overflowed. It felt as if the world were shaking as I let out roar from deep within.

I rushed out of the room bashing the door open with my fists on the way out. It splintered and my skin broke; blood dripped from them as I ran to the living room clawing the walls and tossing everything about needlessly. It did nothing to sooth the inferno raging inside me, I needed to destroy something more than mere items. I needed to hurt something; hurt something so bad that there would be no coming back from the damage inflicted. To destory something to it's very core; to make it feel my ire in full.

Then there was a knock at the door.

I imagine this is how those infected in 28days later might think if they were to think at all. Any human emotion left unchecked would truly be something to fear. It might be even worse if such thoughts were to occur while one was in the grip of unrelenting glee. To gain happiness from the pain is something I find disturbing.

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