Friday, March 28, 2014


What benefit is there is taking freely of that which is another's rightfully?

We are equipped with a set of morals. They may not align exactly but they are all loosely tied to the general core values of what it means to be human. When we go against our moral values we do damage to our own spirits. The only thing truly gained when taking something is guilt.

Guilt forms a pit in your stomach. It builds up and causes a churning. It is like a nauseating sickness where we can't sleep, can't eat and can't function in the carefree manner that we all should enjoy living. When you carelessly take something from someone and deprive them of their right to the very effort they put into that thing what you are really taking on is guilt rather than gain.

Essentially it is a poor, thoughtless thing to take from others. It is admitting a lack of ability and strength inherent in one's self. It is suggesting that a person can only exist as parasite, when symbiosis is the healthiest way to live.

There is so much a person loses out on by taking from others. Friendships, Relationships, Trust, Faith, etc. What is worth the exchange? What could possibly carry enough value to lose these priceless things? Why would anyone do that to them self?

I would say that I feel sad towards those that lose out while trying to hold onto the things others possess. I do not pity them nor am I disappointed. I simply feel sad that a fellow human has demoted them self and understand such beasts exist. I have nothing for them, because they are so wrapped up in themselves they can't notice that the people they take from are humans as well.

How sad it is to look at others and feel nothing, to not see that they to have needs and rights, to use one's effort to obtain something that is not of one's own making, when one could be creating something of their own which would bring about a sense of fulfillment.

Why tarnish the beauty of hard work, effort and the human spirit?

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