Wednesday, March 26, 2014


If happiness is something that one can cultivate from within themselves then joy is something that is born from sharing in this happiness with those around you.

When we allow our hearts to over flow into the world with sincerity that washes over those that surround us, we provide nourishment which begins a stirring of life. Though we as people can cultivate ourselves and grow, we display even greater progress and vibrancy when we taste of such nourishment. To make the world a place rich and fertile we must not stand alone.

When our friends, family or even acquaintances give honestly of themselves how can we avoid our hearts natural response. Our eyes tear up, a funny grin creeps across our face and uninhibited laughter springs forth. Even those living in the harshest of realities must have indulged in this at least. Why set a limit to it, why let those strong feelings go where we can see no wrong with the world?

Does it sound like a challenging thing? Don't worry it can be unbelievably simple to provide and enjoy. Giving of your time, sharing your thoughts and expressions and offering something freely without cause or reward require little energy.

Everyday should leave such an impact on the heart's of everyone and in doing so reflect on ours as well.

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