Monday, March 17, 2014


I enjoy reading a multitude of fear evoking tales. I find now, after having taken in many a story, that I have a taste for certain aspects of them that I wish to convey.

1. First person accounts - Terror taken first hand and conveyed as if it were being enacted again or currently. I wish to be immersed. The words to take a grip on the reader and pull them in, causing concern for not just the narrator but for ourselves. If narrated by that which should be feared then they way things are worded should be unsettling, the outlook on events.. disturbing.

2. Dark entities - It does not have to speak. If it does, then short and to the point or through elaborate messages that show a horrifying level of control or knowledge. Lurk just out of sight, create doubt while allowing the fear to set in. Leave just enough for the true terror of your reality to unravel slowly.

3. Setting - Any where is fine, no where is safe. Intimate is the best though, no one to help and no one to hear a scream. This place is the dark one's play ground and the characters are their play thing.

4. Human behavior - Humans can be extraordinary, but when it comes to fear and surviving people can be quite simple in how they would act. If they are deranged however, anything goes. Keep it simple till the madness sets in.

5. Time frame - No need to draw things out unless there is purpose in doing so. The darkness can be very patient, but let's assume the story takes place in a time that the darkness has already laid in wait.

6. Ending - Leave the reader with something to think about. Being inconclusive leaves the reader with something to think about, which is the truly horrifying thing. Darkness never really disappears.

I hope to review some well known stories soon in order to display what I feel gives the best impression.


  1. I feel you always write very well, CRRobbins. Did you study literature or something at college? Or maybe you like reading books?

    1. I had a few literature courses in college but my major is actually Graphic Design! Haha.

      I am just a fan of thought and I often try to avoid using the same words in succession which may empower my writing. I often wish I would read more often and have books lined up for this!

      I am very curious as to your academics as well, seeing as you are well versed in many things.

  2. Wow, Graphic Design! That sounds really nice.

    From my teenage years up to college I spent my time in England. I was alone, without family or friends. The most traumatic years of my life. Haha

    I never studied hard at school. In my loneliness I was constantly brooding over the nature of human existence and the meaning of life and whatnot.
    My depression made me feel lethargic all the time. It's a miracle I survived those years.

    When I left school I entered a music college in London. I majored in the piano.
    But the life there didn't go so well either.
    I quit music. I'm fearful of playing the piano now, because I've completely lost confidence in it.
    But I'd love to take it up again in the future, if possible.

    1. I haven't done much work in my field and have set it aside. I enjoy the arts and being able to create is a great means of expression.

      It has been a hard road that you have been down. I am impressed by your strength!

      It must have been tough growing up locked inside your own head, with no one to share your burdens or to even partake in times of joy that can draw the mind away for the moment, to be surrounded by people and yet be all alone is such harsh irony.

      I also never felt studying was necessary, of course the level of curriculum in England is probably not quite as laughable as that in the US. Those around me never seemed to have much depth in school either which makes it hard to even discuss such important questions. I wonder what kinds of answers or venues of thought you explored when you mulled over these topics. I have no doubt I could gain much insight for my own theories even from your thoughts back then.

      I believe your survival is due to your ability to adapt as well as your natural capability!

      The piano is an instrument that I find to be very moving. It has character and many possibilities. I can see that it still holds a place in your heart despite the past. I am certain that if your hands were to grace the keys once more, it would resonate in your music. I believe that music flows from the spirit and if someone truly listens they can gain a better understanding and appreciation for the one whom plays it.

      I hope one day I could hear you play, it would be quite a privilage!

    2. I haven't done much work in the field of music either! So I feel actually slightly ashamed when I say I went to a music college, because I feel I didn't learn much while I was there, and wasted the precious opportunity. But I feel that in retrospect, everything that happened in my life was inevitable. What happened had to happen, and in every sad and bitter memory there is a treasure to be found.

      Back then, when I was at secondary school, all I thought was life was meaningless! :)
      The world is an indifferent place and I was just a piece of rubbish floating in this chaotic universe.
      I think at the time I was often drawn to reading literature that dealt with alienation, such as Albert Camus' "The Outsider," Kafka's "Metamorphosis." I was basically torturing myself. lol
      I tried to read stuff like Bertrand Russell's "The Conquest of Happiness" and Marcus Aurelius' "Meditations." I tried to ignore my emotions and become totally rational. I thought that was the only way to conquer my perpetual unhappiness. But I was wrong.

      To be cold and indifferent to my own feelings perhaps helped to ease my emotional pain to some degree, but it also killed my ability to feel happiness. For a long time the only emotion I had was depression. I could feel happiness at the superficial level, but never a profound joy.

      It was only a few years ago that I managed to get back my emotions and it was done through therapy. I went to see a therapist who specialized in Gestalt Therapy and it was an enormous help. I only wish I had done it earlier!

      Thank you for your kind words :)

      I hope I can go back to playing the piano too. It's true that music flows from the spirit - I felt that way too when I was at college.

      Maybe I can upload my playing sometime in the future! :)

    3. In this day and age more and more people are going to work in fields outside of their studies. I don’t think it is something in which you need to feel shame. I feel that as long as you can enjoy what you earned there even if only as a hobby in your own time, it was more than worth it. The attainment of knowledge is never a waste right? I worry that by using these skills for earning money would put a price on that which is priceless. There is not enough printed paper or coin to pay for even one song that is created from your spirit, so don’t be disheartened!

      I agree that even the harshest of realities has purpose and in that something is born, just as volcanic ash is so fertile for new life or a forest fire leaves the land with so much nourishment. It just takes time to see the good that will come from it.

      The universe is vast, too vast. It is so easy to lose one’s self to something so overwhelming. In this world that perpetuates behaviors, it is tough to climb out of the pit of the mind. Those who are content do not wish to associate with those who are not and this perpetuates the separation. Becoming dissatisfied with people sets one’s self apart from them. On top of that, the power of the written word when given birth by a great mind carries much weight. It’s quite a deep pit to stay in. At that point being one’s own worst critic can produce a great amount of damage.

      To not feel, is to not feel pain. Not feeling holds a high price. Though there is gain, much more is lost or simply set aside out of reach. Then comes the mask, the façade put out on display for the world outside. I am happy see I look happy right? Oh a joke I should laugh. When this is done, there is no time to laugh or really be happy because there is a role to play and the lines should not be missed.

      I believe that happiness is brought from within rather than from without. It sounds simple but forgiving one’s self and accepting one’s virtues as well as flaws is a daunting task. Throwing away the mask and putting one’s true self on display after being sheltered in the pit of the mind is more than frightening. Having the courage to ask for help is something I have much respect for, it is the first challenge on the way of recovery.

      I’m glad you were able to see that light that resides within yourself and walk with your true self in the forefront; no one should be denied the joy of life. I feel that I could benefit from some guidance as well, there are too many things I put as road blocks to avoid doing so. I can’t afford it, I don’t the time, I’m too busy, it’s easy to make excuses but I know they are just that. I feel that I am at least satisfied with myself as a person, but there is room for growth as far as empathy and true emotion go. I find that I mostly feel only when moved by something profound in motion picture, writing or graphic novel. Is it really my true feelings or just that which is intended to be evoked though?

      I’ll be here when you get the chance to produce that upload. In this life there is nothing if not time and even after that who knows :)

      It is strange, but I find that as I write or speak, there are truths about myself that I uncover; the content and importance being based on my audience.