Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I am a fan of sayings. I feel that these are the western worlds Koans. Teaching us something with depth while saying very little.

I want to talk about the following sayings:

"Stop and Smell the roses"

These are quite significant and have even more of a meaning as we progress as a society of screen carrying individuals. Don't just look at a rose, stop and smell it! Take in life with every breath, don't let yourself miss out on anything! The world is full of beautiful things and we have 5 senses to take it all in with.

As babies we do so naturally, taking in stimulus from all around. Picking up everything and putting it in our mouths, without reservation. This is how we are naturally meant to observer the world in my opinion, so why do we limit ourselves to merely seeing most of the time? We miss out on so much sitting behind our TVs, Monitors, Tablets and Cell phones. I'm not saying to forsake technology, I'm only suggest setting it aside once and a while and enjoy the world around you.

Feel the wind and sun on your skin while you lay in the grass on a summer day. Listen to all the life around you as the birds chirp and caw, squirrels scamper about in trees and children play. Smell the fresh, crisp winters air. Taste the fruit grown and picked from a tree with your own hand. These are only a few in the multitude of experiences that exist all around us that we don't give a second thought and might take in without even considering.

"It's the little things that matter"

This can relate to the previously mentioned idea and also pertains to so much more. It's any little thing that can bring joy. Someone greeting you in the morning or holding the door. A firm hand shake. Honest laughter. A compliment. the color of someone's eyes. Think about it, do we even record the color of someone's eyes, do most of us even look someone in the eyes? Try it, Eyes are beautiful, they are called "The window to the soul" after all.

Little things can be gestures, abstract ideas, or anything really. Just a simple thing of minor note usually. Give them some thought and a little appreciation, The world would be different without them. If you do this, it will enhance your life all around. Let's think about it in terms of love, a love grows very strong when you take your time and enjoy everything little thing about the other person. At any age the idea of holding hands can be exciting if you allow it to have it's importance. If you love someone, try holding their hand even if you are already very intimate. I have no doubts they will appreciate it if you do. This is one of the first signs of affection and physical connection.

Here's one that I mentioned as part of the first one. Have it as a take away and give life your all!

"Life in every breath"

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