Monday, March 31, 2014


The shy bud timidly opened it's petals to peek at the sun. So impressed by it's brilliance, the young bud went full bloom without a second's thought. It basked in the gentle, warm embrace that shone down upon it.

The brittle surface of the land that had been barren to this point now displayed it's ambition. Soon these dead lands would have a kaleidoscope of lively colors in abundance. The pulse of life is quite formidable.

The remains of an ancient civilization was full of echos from the past and sat brooding. All that was in excess from now saw sat in disarray. That which stood at the core of existence had been forced to yield for a time, but no longer! This was a patient world, which gives it's all and holds love in it's heart for all of it's children.

Time can be harsh for a heavenly body, seeing many of it's beloved children come and go. It would always carry the fond memories first and for most; as it nurtures the new life that is awakening over the horizon.

The sun watched fondly as it's beloved held their children close. Each day giving it's all to provide what it could to make sure it's family was never cold, nor hungry. It had been dismayed when it's children parted ways and was now back in high spirits as it observed the blooming of it's precious bud.

Everyone did their part and all that were, were loved.

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