Friday, March 28, 2014


The blood fell like rain upon the untainted field. Those that worshiped scattered like leafs to the wind. The air now heavy with iron mist warmed the heart of the foreigner as he inverted the religious symbol before him.

"That which is done must be undone, dawn to dusk, then again tomorrow."

The work of the pious is never done and a man's hands must never lay restless. From one religion to the next they are all tied together in the power of Faith. Those that are truly faithful shall not falter for in them is great purpose. Those with great purpose are quite diligent.


  1. This is kind of mysterious. I like it!
    I could picture the scene at the beginning in my head.

    1. Thanks!

      It's an attempt at creating a story with minimal information. I enjoy mystery. It allows the reader to really play a part in the story as they fill in the blanks which is a very rewarding experience.

      The first line was running through my mind this morning and I knew I had to make something from it.

      I feel accomplished now that my words allowed you to envision the scene. Hopefully I will be able to maintain this degree of writing.

      Thanks again for your encouraging words!