Monday, March 17, 2014


I feel it may be good to disclose my method of posting in order to be understood why posting may appear spotty.

I usually type up an entry during a break at work in order to refresh myself and clear out any thoughts outside of the realm of what is required by my job. Last week I was for the most part out to another office and without a computer on which to post. When at home I do not often take the time to get onto my computer so I do not often post from home. I'm considering rethinking this.

I feel it is important that I maintain some form of stability in my life at a time when many uncertainties exist. Sanity, Clarity and Serenity are directly effected by expression or the lack there of, in my case.

It makes me happy to know that my thoughts may be interesting enough to be looked over by others, but that is not the point of this en devour. As with anything this is something that I must do for myself. Selfish though it may be, there is not much I can do for others if I care not for myself.

Despite that know that I sincerely appreciate anyone and every one's presence that may appear here.

You have my gratitude.

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