Thursday, February 6, 2014

Attack on Titan

I have heard it mentioned numerous times which is usually enough to cause me to ignore something entirely. I don't generally like hyped or mainstream things due to their appeals rising from simpler things such as action or effects rather than plot, story or character development.

I like Attack on Titan. It get's the blood flowing, has characters you want to root for and a story that you want to unravel. I did not come in prepared to lose certain characters. This is something I can appreciate though, the loss is real because we become attached to them. We want them to reach their dreams and have their goals met. They win us over and our hearts rise and fall with them. It's realistic this way.

I would like to see a next gen game to match the anime. The likes of Monster Hunter or God Eater Burst. It has everything it needs to create that feeling of epic battle. I plan on doing some fan art when I find time to spare and hope to capture the emotion of the character I became very attached to as it inspired me.

It's great to see such a potent new anime, this could surely spark a fire in the community that creates an opportunity to see more great anime work.

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