Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Fear is strongest when you don't know what's going on or how to handle it. It's being helpless.

Fear for one's life is effective fearing for the life of a loved one is overpowering. My ten month old son who has only ever suffered a cold began vomiting repeatedly last night. The first time, I though maybe the solids I just gave him didn't sit well and that would be it. It wasn't. I was holding him and again he expelled his stomach contents. At this point it became more frequent and repetitious.

It's tough handling something you did not see coming. It's that much tougher when your sick child has a twin sibling that you also have to take care of at the same time. While holding my A (my sick child), O (A's twin brother) wanted attention too. There was only one way I could hold A that wouldn't cause him to throw up and I had to keep O out of the mess.

I temporarily put O in a pack and play which he was not happy with while trying everything I could think of to make A ok. He wouldn't take fluids so after an hour and a half of trying things, I decide to head to the ER. It can be difficult to get twins from place to place, even harder when one is sick and the other does not want to cooperate. I was able to appease O with a bottle and settle A in comfortably enough that only vomited once.

The pure panic and fear of the whole thing to this point is indescribable. Thankfully, A was seen quickly at the ER and was even cheerful and playful while there. A was given something to ease his stomach and he took fluids at this point. There was no fever or signs of any other issue so we were released. He has been taking his fluids and seems to be fine now.

I definitely felt some strain on my heart from this whole event.

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