Tuesday, February 25, 2014


There are a few sayings, "Never judge a book by it's cover." or It's the person who seems to have no flaws that you should be worried about.

Humans are deceptive creatures, we put on airs and masks, we play parts and camouflage ourselves. It is so common to do so that it becomes difficult to convey our actual selves. The more we have to hide the better actors we have to become.

It's not that people should have shame and hide things, it's that society shuns people into tucking away their honest feelings. It is a survival reaction, blending in with the herd so as not to be picked out and taken apart. In doing this we cause our true feelings to boil quicker like a covered pot, risking it to pour over into something unexpected and uncontrollable.

I want to be honest and convey my actual self, after so many years there is a lot of wall paper to tear down to get there though. I will work on this. I think it would actual be safer to have a world where people don't bottle up. Maybe people wouldn't end up killing or doing other extreme acts, because we could see them and help them along.

We are all victims of our own society, but as with most things, it is only because we allow ourselves to be. So let's drop the acts and masks.

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