Monday, February 10, 2014


I am going to build a Desktop computer on a budget of $600.00. It's been a good many years since last I put together a PC of my own. I am very excited!

I will update this with a component list.

Technology always intrigues me and rate at which it grows is astounding. Imagine what kind of technology would be present if companies weren't holding out. This may not be the case but I have a feeling that there is the possibility of much greater technology out there. The only thing that prevents it from being here today is business.

Business has always stood in opposition of progress or great progress rather. Business likes to maximize profits while minimizing expenses. As long as they can make money off of their current product why would they put money into creating a better product and paying to produce it? Business shuns great leaps of forward progress, they will do anything to halt this possibility. People like Nikola Tesla disappear.

An example of a relevant business is Apple. You can buy a computer from there and you can pay them to upgrade it and you can pay them for their unique everything. They are against those that would build their own systems. If we just let someone do everything for us, they essentially rule us. This is why I do not like to hand my money to Apple.

A person is entitled to their hard work and effort and should reap the benefit of it. They should not get comfortable in their current status and lean on status quo. If we stop moving forward then we become meaningless, merely existing to exist another, never truly living or adding value in any way. Never give in fully to being a consumer. If someone gives you a fish, you may never learn to fish. If you learn to fish your do not have to depend on someone else to live and their for ruled by no one.

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