Friday, February 21, 2014


It is something that is natural to us when a capable caregiver is present in our infant years.

As I hold my child of 11 months, walking back and forth with a slight bounce, he dozes off on my shoulder. After a few minutes it becomes a deep slumber. I couldn't help but think to myself, 'Wow, this is the definition of trust'. How else could he rest easy without concerns of being randomly jostled or dropped. Perhaps he has not yet learned of skepticism.

Imagine having so much trust in someone that you would leave your slumbering vessel in their hands. It seems almost unfathomable. Where did all the trust go? grade school betrays? Failed Love connections? Law related pestering?

I don't think that trust ever truly leaves us, we just ration it as the world influences us. Complete trust in everyone would be a flawed thought, though an ideal world. We must ration trust right?

I have to be willing to trust those that trust in me; mutual trust is more sustainable. It is hard to trust someone who does not trust you; skepticism is contagious. It is hard as a parent to trust your child, I imagine even in their later years. This is not due to skepticism, it is due to fear. I fear for what might happen to them if I'm not there to save them from the world. How can a child grow without the trust of a parent though? They need to know they should be confident takings steps without you hovering over them, that you believe in them as much as they believe in themselves. We all needs this to be confident and successful.

I will say this, If you care for someone trust them. If you cannot trust them then maybe you should reevaluate your relationship. Be it your child, partner or good friend. I have friends that I can trust. I have a partner I know is more than capable and I trust her. I trust my boys when they have the air of certainty about them.

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