Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I don't know what I can do till I try. Usually I would fall into a slump of doing only what is required of me, it's an easy life. The problem with the easy life is that it is unbelievable dull. Nothing bad happens, but nothing really good happens either. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained".

It feels great to create personal growth by pushing my boundaries; becoming wiser, smarter, strong and more well versed. It's great when I am doing it as a personal goal. When I am required to push our boundaries and comfort zone it feels like more of a hassle. I have little interest in doing my best because I'm told to do so, it cheapens the whole thing. If they had let it be I would have done so anyway.

Not that I don't like to be my best for others for their sake, just not as a mandatory requirement. Effort is best served incentive and willingness.

I have always admired the Japanese culture for many of their cultural mentalities. One of these being that anything a person does should to be done with perfecting it in mind. Everything we do has an effect on the world around us and the world around us has an effect on us. If we give a bare minimum output to the world then we can't expect much of a return from the world or for ourselves.

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