Monday, February 3, 2014


The world is a garden. People are like vegetation. We need warmth, nourishment and to be maintained.

We should strive to blossom year after year, through all seasons and conditions. We should also aim for those around us to Bloom as well. The world does not need to be a barren waste land around us; It should be an endless field of life and vibrancy.

If we take all the nourishment around us, those near us will wilt. If we take all the sun for ourselves to shoot up towards the sky are we not weeds? What would be the meaning in going full bloom if we leave the world around us a desert?

We must cultivate. Share your nourishment to help others grow, not just healthy but also with purpose and well shaped. Let the sun shine all around and not just upon yourself. Everyone needs to be acknowledged and to be shown they are important and have value. Bring up those around you so that the world as a whole is more beautiful and full of delight.

Never forget that those around you are just like you but may not have had such a fertile base, maybe they just need a little watering and tending to help take away some of what holds them down and prevents them from reaching their full potential.

Do what you can, within reason, that's all that anyone can ask. It doesn't take much to cultivate; You just have to be consistent.

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