Monday, February 3, 2014


I must accept that I am yin and yang.

Some days I wake up with the desire to destroy everything in sight, start a fire that engulfs the world and watch as everything smolders to ash. I have the urge to tear down everything put in place despite safety or necessity. I even yearn for the demise of those around me, regardless of any other sentiments. All of it with a twisted grin.

Does this make me a horrible monster, these dark and vivid thoughts? I do not think so. We all have a beast within trying to tear it's way out into the world. If I were to leave myself unchecked and do as I please then perhaps I would be a monster. Everything is in actuality. The things that I do matters, not the things that I see in my head. I have to remember this even at the most stressful of times.

Generally I want the world to flourish, those around me to be successful and to bask in positivity. These things bring me joy and I'd like to say that's all there is to me. I cannot deny my faults or flaws, to do so would make me unable to improve upon them and better myself. The more I deny myself the stronger my dark urges become. I must embrace the dark and the light.

I should not seek to destroy the beast. I should tame it.

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